Redwood Empire Chinese Association
May, 2018
Message from President Nancy Wang
Nancy Wang
Greetings RECA members,
Chinese New Year is over. We can now take a deep breath as we continue our hectic
Vice President
pace of cultural performances and dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophic fires.
Ways and Means:
Although we used to have time to rest on our laurels in March and April, this year we
David Chung, 707-340-6045
continued with performances at senior homes, restaurants and even had two performances
simultaneously to celebrate Earth Day on April 21.
I want to thank everyone who made our programs, especially our Chinese New Year
Hsiu-Chuan Armstrong
Celebration and Fundraiser, a magnificent success for yet another year. Our crowd was the
Recording Secretary:
biggest ever due to the Vets Memorial Building staff offering us a change of table
Cathy Ringstad, 707-523-2379
arrangement. By placing the tables perpendicular to the stage instead of one row parallel, we
added nearly 100 extra seats. As usual, we filled the auditorium to capacity. Reviews on the
Corresponding Secretary,
seating arrangements were mixed. Some liked it a lot. Some thought it made us too crowded.
Newsletter Editor,
Photographer, Membership:
This year, RECA gave away about 100 tickets to fire victims so they could enjoy an evening
Judy Cheung, 707-528-0912
of festivities for their families.
The worst of the fire experience is over now that the fires are out. The hardest part is
happening now with the seemingly unending process of red tape, permits, contracts, waiting
Mirin Lew, 707-545-6173
in line, being interviewed by this agency or that. Stress is high, but it seems like most
Social Director:
people have started the healing process. RECA is here to help however possible. In addition
Mary Lowe,
to offering clothing, food and personal items to families at the time of the fire, we have
707-528-8712 x132
given ongoing assistance through networking and a broad shoulder for those who need to
talk and be heard. Thank you to everyone for your help and understanding during this time
Building Committee:
of difficult recovery and for the time remaining before everything returns to normal.
Joe Wang, 707-576-0533
We are now looking forward to the summer when things will be a little bit slower.
Youth Group:
Chorus members are planning trips, language school classes will be out. Most performance
Ruth & Bob Hickman
groups will have a little time to breathe. Children's Chinese Culture Camp will be late this
year. In July, Nancy will be going to Budapest, Hungary. Judy will be going to Bangkok,
Cultural Dance Director:
Thailand. Our camp will be held August 6 -10. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews
Judy Elliott, 707-477-0329
or neighbors, please be sure they get signed up for camp if they are 5-12 years old.
Also, don't forget our MultiCultural Poetry Reading and Potluck Lunch on August 11.
Sunshine & Mah Jong Chair
Poets and poetry advocates come from around the Greater Bay Area and sometimes other
Lorrie Abbott
countries to participate in this unique event. RECA hosts this poetry event with Sonoma
County's Poets of The Vineyard and Richmond's Artists Embassy International.
Board Members:
In closing, I want to thank everyone who has helped in all of our performances and
Jean Gee
presentations. It is you, each person, who helps to make RECA a recognized, positive force
Azy Heydon
in our community. Thank you again and again.
Mark Heydon
Past Presidents:
Hubert Tsang
May 16: RECA Board meeting, 7:00-9:00 p.m., at our Center. All interested members invited.
Jan Lew
May 19: RECA Clean-up Day, 11:30-3:00, with pizza. Join us to put our Center in good order.
Elee Tsai
June 20: RECA Board meeting, 7:00-9:00 p.m., at our Center. All interested members invited.
July 18: RECA Board meeting, 7:00-9:00 p.m., at our Center. All interested members invited.
August 15: RECA Board meeting, 7:00-9:00 p.m., at our Center. All interested members invited.
RECA Language School for 2017-18 is winding
By Ruth and Bob Hickman
down. Our classes have been small this year, but that
Since the last newsletter in February, the youth have
offered better teaching opportunities. We also had quite
performed lion dance routines at River Rock Casino and for
a few students from China studying at Cardinal Newman
the Earth Day celebration in the city of Santa Rosa. It is fun to
High to help as student assistants. This sometimes gave
adapt to different environments and various age groups. A
us nearly one Chinese speaking person for every student
highlight was enjoying the buffet after our dance at River
in a class on some days.
Rock, yum!
In August, we will have our RECA Children's
On March 2, we celebrated our successes by ordering Red
Chinese Culture Camp. Usually, this is in July, but
Bee BBQ. The topic was all about Confucius, who was a
Nancy will be in Budapest, Hungary. Judy will be in
philosopher living in the 6 th century BC whose followers
Bangkok, Thailand. When both have returned, we will
recorded his sayings. People all over the world repeat his
have our camp. Please be sure your kids, 5-12 years old,
words without even realizing they come from China. We
are registered. We have only 20 spaces, and hope
looked at some of his sayings and shared how our life
everyone who wants to may attend. Our curriculum
experiences confirm his wisdom. Then we selected calendars
includes Mandarin lessons, cooking, song and dance,
to match Confucius ideas with pictures. As examples, see if
games, arts and crafts. We teach in an environment to
you recognized the following quotes: “You are what you
promote self esteem, good manners, helping with chores,
think”, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you
and other constructive practices.
are in the wrong room” and “the man who moves a mountain
begins by carrying away small stones.”
Since April is the month that Earth Day is in, it was
decided to focus on the geography of China on April 6. We
reviewed sacred mountains, Guilin, the Yangtze andYellow
Rivers, the Gobi desert, the Silk Road, China’s Grand Canal,
and the Pearl River Delta. Several of our youth have lived or
visited China and were able to contribute their impressions.
We laughed and laughed as we played the game of Bubble
Talk together at the end of our night.
Cathy Ringstad, far left, taught the beginners. Her class is a
On May 4, we will be reviewing Chinese art history with a focus
favorite with student volunteers.
on paintings. Maybe these works of art will inspire us as we close
our night playing Pictionary. We start at 6 pm with lion dancing. At
6:30 we share supper together and then have our topic and a game.
Please join us. For more information, call Bob or Ruth Hickman
Youth Group begins each month
with lion dance practice lead by
Judy Cheung. There are many
aspects, including playing
cymbals. Parents are welcome to
stay and participate. During
performances, there is no telling
Carry Johnston's intermediate class has a wide spread of ages.
what you might unexpectedly
They know the basics, but are not yet ready for general
find yourself doing, even if you
conversation or to read a novel.
only came as a driver.
After lion practice and
supper, which is frequently
pizza, we have a program on
some aspect of Chinese
culture led by Ruth Hickman.
Discussions are fun and
stimulating, helping us think
about things we never really
thought about before, and
how things relate to each of
Su Ning Qin taught the advanced class. She recently went to
us. We usually finish with a
China, so Xia Liu stepped in to finish the year. This class can
game or two.
converse and read in Chinese at an elementary school level.
Upcoming Events
Youth Group: First Friday of each month,
6:00-8:30 at our Center. Call Ruth and
Bob Hickman, 707-537-8820.
Adult Chorus: Each Tuesday, 7:00-9:00
RECA Center. Call David Chung,
Tai Chi: Each Saturday morning, 8:30-
10:00, Snoopy's Ice Arena. Call David
Chung, 707-340-6045.
Dance Rehearsals: Usually on Sunday
afternoons. For information and auditions,
call Judy Elliott, 707-477-0329.
Mah Jong: Rohnert Park Senior Center,
6800 Hunter Dr. Rohnert Park, Call Lorrie
Abbott, 707-795-3457, for meeting times
and more information. (Suspended for the
summer due to Lorrie having back
May 19: Last day of language classes.
May 19: 11:30-2:00, RECA Center
Clean-up Day. Everyone welcome.
Pizza will be served to those who help.
See NL p. 11 for details, Thank you.
June 10: Philippine Independence Day
Fiesta: 11:00 Filipino Community
Center, Fulton Road, Fulton, CA. RECA
Lions will perform. This is an afternoon
of Philippine fun, food, cultural dance,
song. RECA has been part of this event
for many years.
4th of July: at Judy Cheung's house, 704
Brigham Ave., Santa Rosa, CA, with the
RECA Youth Group. Everyone invited
to this BBQ Potluck. Watch fairground
fireworks from the front yard.
August 6-10: 9:00-3:00 Children's Chinese
Culture Camp at our Center for kids 5-12
years old. Please register ASAP. Forms
are the same as for school and are on
September 8: First day of RECA Language
Classes, 9:00-11:30 a.m. each Saturday
of the school year. Please register early
so we can have the proper books and
Please sign up for Camp and for September Mandarin Classes. The application
supplies for everyone.
form on our website is the same for both, but we need one for each set of classes.
September 22: RECA's Annual Moon
Festival Potluck Dinner, 5:00-8:30,
RECA Center.
Check your email for more events as they occur. New opportunities are always presenting themselves to RECA members.
If you are not receiving RECA email announcements and Newsletters and you are a member of RECA, please send your name and
email address to Mark Heydon at He will add your name to our email list. Also, if you have a friend who is a
member but is not receiving RECA email, please let Mark know.
If you have photos or would like to write a story for our newsletter, please send your submissions to Judy Cheung at by mid January, April, July or October Please label your email "RECA NL" so Judy will be sure to copy it to
the correct file for printing.
This year we truly exceeded all previous years. The Vets Building staff offered a different table arrangement
near the stage, adding approximately 100 seats. Also, we changed the day, only for this year, from Saturday to
Sunday. We were concerned that we would be half empty. Instead, much to our delight, we were full! There
were about 700 people attending this year's event. In addition to ticket sales, RECA used the end of the donated
money for Fire Relief so Fire Relief Families could attend. This brought in many new people to have an evening
of fun, food, entertainment and good company.
Photos by Lorrie Abbott, Richard Angilly, Ann Schleeter, Ping Liu, Judy Cheung
Approximately 700 people filled the Vets Memorial Auditorium for our 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration, Year of the Dog
A Qing Dynasty emperor was also present
On entering, everyone received a
Our greeters at the door were two lovely
to greet us into this enchanting evening.
wristband to get their dinner.
brocaded princesses.
Beer and wine were on sale. Salespersons
The Baldi Family made and sold jewelry
Camille Picott, children's author, had a
included John Sawyer, Santa Rosa City
with 100% of profits going to RECA.
booth to sell her books.
Council member.
Raffle and silent
auction bids filled
time as people
decided what prize
boxes to put their
tickets for many
things from food
baskets to a
Henry Kaku, Sonoma County's resident
RECA Youth Group sold soft drinks and
souvenir big
origami expert showed young and old
bottled water with proceeds going to the
league signed ball.
how to make an origami dog and other
RECA Youth Group with matching funds
things by folding paper.
from RECA for youth activities.
Dr. Robert Yee received the plaque for
Reed Walker received recognition from
Santa Rosa City Council Member
2017 Member of the Year for his long
MC Don Taylor for Reed's graphic design
John Sawyer presented the mayoral
service to RECA. See page 7.
work for advertising and the souvenir
proclamation for RECA's ongoing
Good work in the community.
RECA Adult Chorus sang in their beautiful, new
costumes especially purchased for them in
The chorus members made the backdrop, chose
the pictures to enhance the stage, and attended to
the technical aspects of giving us this slide and
video clip enhancement to our show. Thank you!
Our Golden Dragon opened the show with
A duet of young talented guzhang players
Our youngest performers sang and danced
our medium sized Yellow Dragon and our
gave some classical Chinese pieces on this
about the Beijing Opera.
small Red Dragon.
instrument invented 2,500 years ago.
A Youth Ensemble gave a medley of
Some ladies from the Chorus joined
together for a qipau parade, showing off
traditional songs. Some of the members
Grand leaps, head over heel summersaults
belong to the Santa Rosa Jr. Symphony.
the beauty of traditional Chinese society
performed by Wu Academy led by Justin
dress which is also popular in the USA.
Eggart wowed the audience.
Youth Dancers with classical fan dance.
Adult Cultural Dancers' umbrella dance.
Lion dancers finished our evening's fun.
Despite all of our magnificent entertainment, delicious food and fun excitement, the main draw always comes down to the people who
attend our Annual Chinese New Year Celebration and Fundraiser. The people are the best part of the entertainment with their
overflowing love and acceptance of putting their feet into another culture for an evening. Whether here as a first timer or as an elder
introducing a grandchild toddler to our festivities, our RECA Chinese New Year has fun for everyone.
By Ann Schleeter
Dr. Robert Yee was awarded the Member of the Year 2017 plaque at
our Redwood Empire Chinese Association Chinese New Year
Celebration on February 18, 2018. This is the highest award given to
a member of our organization. Dr. Yee was one of the founding
member of RECA which means he has been involved with RECA
L: Ann Schleeter, C: Mary Lowe, R: Dr. Robert Yee, since 1988. Our board members nominated and voted for Dr. Yee to
become member of the year in recognition of his many years of
2017 Member of the Year. Award presented 2018.
outstanding and dedicated service to RECA.
Dr. Yee is there every Tuesday evening playing the keyboard for our Adult Chorus during practices for future
performances at various RECA events around Northern California. You will rarely see him since he stays behind the
scenes but you will know he is there when you hear him play the piano. He hauls his musical and sound equipment to and
from his car at every event so that he can play the piano for the Adult Chorus at the Chinese New Year event, the Dancing
Poetry Festival, China Camp Heritage Day, our Christmas party, assisted living facilities, and many, many other events.
Not only is Dr. Yee an important asset to our Adult Chorus, he is a man of many talents. He is a teacher of many musical
instruments and a teacher of study skills. He started a library of books and videos at RECA for the Youth Group.
Dr. Yee lives with his lovely wife, Ellen, and he is a doting father to his children and grandfather to his many
grandchildren. In fact, he reserves many tables for his family to attend our Chinese New Year celebration
every year. Thank you Dr. Yee for your years of service to our RECA community. We all appreciate everything you have
done for RECA. A big congratulations on your well-deserved award!
St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare
(Annadel Medical Group)
Long Family Foundation
River Rock Casino
Lagunitas Brewing Company
JJ Custom Wines
Domaine St. George Winery
G&G Supermarket
Clover Stornetta, Asia Mart
Mike & Sandy Sullivan
Alan & Suning Morris
Dave & Ann Schleeter
Annie Wang
You may have a business card size paid advertisement for 4 issues
of RECA Newsletter. Send $50 and your copy ready ad to RECA,
PO box 7854, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.
Sesquicentennial means 150 years. Santa Rosa is
celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018. As usual,
RECA is in the middle of it all.
Our RECA Annual Chinese New Year Celebration
and Fundraiser is the first event of the year which is an
officially designated activity recognized as a
Sesquicentennial Event. We have received the official
logo to place on our RECA CNY poster. We put it in
the lower right corner.
In August, our 18th Annual MultiCultural Poetry
Reading and Potluck Lunch is also an officially
designated Sesquicentennial event.
Good Luck to Santa Rosa on its next 150 years!
Just because our RECA Chinese New Year event is over, it doesn't mean our performers and presenters got to rest.
RECA continued with a series of performances, presentations and activities. Some of our activities included
performances or presentations at senior homes such as Paulin Creek, River Rock Casino, Santa Rosa Middle School,
Oakmont, Maria Carrillo High School,
RECA Lion Team
performed for three
Lok Family businesses in Santa
Rosa and Petaluma.
Malaya debuted her drum skills
as a prelude to the lion dance
performance. Chloe and Joseph
accompanied her before being
the lion heads for the
RECA's Jasmine earned
a speaking part in the Spreckles
of South Pacific.
Nancy and Judy went to
see one of her
Dancers, lions and singers
performed for Paulin Creek
Senior Home, and various
other Senior living homes
throughout Santa Rosa.
Most RECA performers
presented at the
Oakmont Chinese
New Year event.
Nancy Wang and
Judy Cheung gave school
presentations. Jennie Fu
helped with Santa Rosa
Middle School.
RECA's Alex Baldi
won an international
trophy in Hong Kong
with his dragon boat team.
He goes to Hungary
this summer.
A group from RECA
visited the Hunan Cuisine
Restaurant, 6004 Stevenson
Blvd., Fremont, CA, to say
"Thank you" for the truck
load of donations for the
RECA Fire Relief Program.
RECA's past treasurer, Shirley
Brummel, passed in early
April. NancyWang, Judy
Cheung, and Lorrie Abbott
went to her memorial in SF.
Jan Lew, RECA' s past Pres.
was also there. Jan is now 90.
Alex Chiu donated
A goji berry tree and a
flowering tree to RECA.
L: RECA past Pres. Jan Lew, R: Pres. Nancy Wang
Phoenix TV Station from
Hong Kong came to RECA for
interviews for a follow-up
series about the October 2017
Wine country Fire Storm
The TV team also visited
Nancy Wang's property in
Coffey Park, then went on
to visit Fountain Grove.
The series aired in April
on Phoenix TV from
Hong Kong.
Earth Day 2018 had RECA
performing at Quarryhill
Botanical Gardens in
Kenwood and in downtown
Santa Rosa at the same time.
In Quarryhill, the Adult Chorus
Adult Cultural Dancers,
RECA Tai Chi Club
and our Junior Lion Team
performed on their uniquely
natural amphitheater stage.
At Courthouse Square in
Downtown Santa Rosa,
RECA Lions opened the
Show, followed by Li's
Tai Chi and the RECA
Young Cultural Dancers.
April 16, RECA Lions were
prepared to perform for the
Grand Opening of Ippinn Udon
on Mendocino Ave.
It rained, so our performance
was postponed until April 30,
a beautiful afternoon.
Now, on to the next quarter year with more exciting performances, events and adventures. Be sure you are on
the RECA email list to receive all of the most up-to-date information about RECA's many opportunities.
Membership dues are $20 per person (adult) or $30 per couple for January to December each year.
Or $100 for an individual life membership for 55 years and older.
Please make your check payable to Redwood Empire Chinese Association and send it with this form to:
Redwood Empire Chinese Association, P.O. Box 7854, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.
Name ____________________________________________ Occupation __________________________________
Spouse's Name ____________________________________ Occupation __________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________ Zip: _______________________
Best Telephone _______________________________________ Alternate phone: _____________________________
Children's Names and Ages ________________________________________________________________________
____I agree to photo clearance. Many official and unofficial photos are taken during RECA activities. I
agree that photos of me and my family, while participating in RECA activities and events, may be taken, used,
published and displayed. ___I do not agree.
(JHC 5-16)
Please Register Now for Culture Camp
and September Language Classes
Please visit our website, www.recacenter for
information to register as soon as possible for
Children's Chinese Culture Camp in August.
RECA Language School begins on September 8,
2018, at 9:00-11:30 a.m. at our RECA Center.
Please register as soon as possible. Forms for
are the same for both camp and language
classes. When you register in advance, we can
better prepare for your needs of supplies, text
books and number of teachers.
Don't forget 4th of July with the RECA Youth Group at
All information for Children's Chinese Culture
Judy Cheung's house, 704 Brigham Ave., Santa Rosa, CA..
Camp and Mandarin Language Classes is
Everyone is invited with your families. We eat and chat in the
available on line at You
back yard. At dusk, we move to the front yard to watch fireworks
may also call Judy Cheung (in English) 707-
from the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Last year, Joseph
528-0912, or Nancy Wang (English, Mandarin
Hickman created a wonderful BBQ dish he learned from an
or Japanese) 707-576-0533 for more information.
SRJC culinary class he was taking.
Please come and help us keep our Center clean, tidy, orderly and easy to use for everyone. Thank you