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May 2017



By Nancy Wang

Greetings RECA members,

     Let's all take a sigh of relief now that our major performing time of year is over. We get to take a little break in our schedule and be happy with slowing down to only a few performances a month. This is the time for recreation. We re-create all that we have done that was good into something better.   
 In past years, after Chinese New Year, we were mostly without further performance requests. A few years ago, the community started requesting more and more from us, until now, although slowed down, we still have some weeks with multiple performances.
Our reputation has grown.
     I would like to give a special thank you to everyone, especially Cathy Ringstad and Ruth Hickman, for stepping in to help lead our performances this year. I, Nancy, have been busy welcoming my new grand-daughter, Teegan Wang, and helping with the older grandchildren while their parents have been busy. Judy Cheung, who, as you all know, does so many different things, has been not well for many months. With the two of us not giving our all to RECA for now, the help of everyone has been greatly appreciated. Cathy and Ruth have worked diligently together to see that we had our usual high quality performances when invited to schools, businesses, two simultaneous performances for Earth Day Celebrations, and even our big Chinese New Year Celebration and Fundraiser. 

     Also, thank you all, everyone, for offering your time and donations for our performances, especially for our Annual Chinese New Year Celebration and Fundraiser. This event is our only large fundraiser for the year.  It takes over 100 volunteers to be able to put it on. All of our community outreach programs are also dependent on all of our performance groups volunteering their talents and time to let everyone enjoy our Chinese culture.   

     Most of all, I would like to give a big RECA welcome to our newest RECA member, Teagan Wang, daughter of Kevin and Sophia Wang, newest granddaughter of Nancy and Joe Wang.  Nancy and Joe now have three grandsons and 3 granddaughters. 


By Judy Hardin Cheung 

Our Language School students all worked very hard for our Chinese New Year Celebration and Fund Raiser. They made Chinese New Year posters for the walls, and practiced every week since October on a song and dance about chickens since this new year is the year of the Rooster. 

The kids were a rollicking success. The audience joined in clapping along. Teacher Cathy Ringstad choreographed and instructed this act.

Now, it is back to normal with classroom learning instead of the fun rehearsals. The song and dance times gave students an opportunity to apply Chinese outside of the classroom. They also learned self confidence and self esteem.


RECA language classes ended May 20, 2017. Our students did very well. All earned the above certificate with their name and class level on it.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful year.

Classes begin again on September 9, 2017, RECA Center, 9:00-11:30 each Saturday of the school year. Registration forms are on our website and are the same as the camp registration on page 9 of this RECA NL.


by the Hickman Family

Our RECA Youth Group has been very busy with many, many performances.

After Chinese New Year Celebration, they continued with performances for the community in many public places including schools, businesses and a grand performance for Santa Rosa's Earth Day Celebration. This was simultaneous with the Earth Day Celebration at Quarryhill where our younger kids, and adults went. Near Santa Rosa Plaza, our teens carried the show with lions and dancers.

Our monthly meetings have been interesting. Starting with lion dance practice, we continue with an evening meal together, then talk about a topic of interest. We had a calligraphy lesson from Nancy, a discussion about chickens and their meaning in the world (this is the year of the rooster). Ruth Hickman led this talk.

Coming up after May will be our summer break. We plan to get together for our annual 4th of July party at Judy Cheung's house. We will have BBQ pot luck (meat will be provided), some fun and games, and then watch fireworks from the fairgrounds in Judy's front yard. Teens bring their family and friends. Everyone is invited. In August, everyone is invited to RECA's unique Multi-Cultural Poetry Reading and Pot Luck Lunch. Our Teen dancers will perform. Everyone may read and discuss poetry. This is way more fun than doing such things is school!

We begin our regular meetings again on Sept. 1. Please join us if you are jr. or sr. high school age.


May 24: 7:00, RECA Board meeting, RECA Center, all members welcome

June28: 7:00, RECA Board meeting, RECA Center, all members welcome

July 26: 7:00 RECA Board Meeting, RECA Center, all members welcome

July 17-21: 9:00-3:00 RECA Center, Children's Chinese Culture Camp, kids 5-12,

parent and member volunteers welcome.

August 12: Noon-4:00, Multi Cultural Poetry Reading and Potluck Lunch, everyone welcome.

Bring a dish and poetry to share. All languages welcome with English translation or description.

August 23: 7:00, RECA Board Meeting, RECA Center, all members welcome.

September 9: First day of 2017-2018 school year

September 9: 6:00-dusk, 4th Annual RECA Moon Festival, RECA Center, family event

Please check our website frequently or call Nancy at 707-576-0533
or Judy at 707-528-0912 for current information.

Please be sure to come to our Youth Group if you are in Jr. or Sr. high school.

Join our Chorus if you are an adult or older teen. We write lyrics in ping yin as well as Chinese so that everyone can read the words.  Our evenings start with a social time, then we enjoy singing songs from all time periods of China, different areas of China, and from around the world.

Regular Events

Youth Group: Each Friday, 6:00-8:30 pm at our Center. For details, call Ruth and Bob Hickman, 707-537-8820.

Adult Chorus: Each Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 pm at our Center. For details, call David Chung, 707-340-6045.

Tai Chi: Each Saturday morning, 8:30-10:00, Snoopy's Ice Arena. For details, call David Chung, 707-340-6045.

RECA Language School: Each Saturday morning, 9:00-11:30 at our Center. For details, call Judy Cheung, 707-528-0912.

Dance Rehearsals:  As announced, usually on Sunday afternoons. For information and auditions, call Judy Elliott, 707-477-0329.

If you are not receiving RECA email announcements and are a member of RECA, please send your name and email address to Mark Heydon at  reca@recacenter.org. He will add you to our email list. 

If you have photos or would like to write a story for our newsletter, please send your submissions to Judy Cheung at jhcheung@comcast.net. Please lable your email to "RECA NL" so Judy will be sure to copy it to the correct file for printing.

Alex Baldi in International Dragon Boat Competition

18 year old Alex Baldi, grandson of Nancy and Joe Wang, has competed in Bay Area Dragon Boat Races for the past few years. This year, his team was the champions. He and a few of his team were selected to go to Hong Kong later this year for the International Dragon Boat Races.

Congratulations, Alex, on a job well done! Good luck and have fun when you go to Hong Kong. All of RECA will be cheering for you.


July 17-21, 2017
9-3:00, M-F
$200 per camper 5-12 years old
Includes lunch, snacks, all supplies

RECA Center 3455 Sebastopol Road,
Santa Rosa, California

Registration forms http://recacenter.org/RECAEnrollmentForm2014.pdf
To RECA PO Box 7854
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
For information, call
Judy Cheung (English) 528-0912
Nancy Wang (English or Mandarin)

Please send in your registration soon
to be sure your child will be included
(After 3:30, $20 per child per hour
or portion of hour)


FEBRUARY 18, 2017, 5:00-9:00 P.M.


Photos by Grace Cheung-Shulman, Azy Heydon, Mirin Lew, Abraham Fontinella, Nicole Dobson and Judy Cheung

"This is great," "I love it," "There's so many people!" " How'd you do that?" These are only a few of the comments we heard about this year's Chinese New Year Celebration and Fund Raiser. As always, we filled the Santa Rosa Vets Memorial Building. The food was excellent. The entertainment was enjoyable. The available items for the silent auction and shoebox raffle were intriguing. It seems like everyone had a wonderful time chatting with old friends and meeting new acquaintances.

We would like to thank our event sponsors: Mike & Sandi Sullivan (Ric Insurance), River Rock Casino, St. Joseph Health Annadel Medical Group, Alan & Suning Morris, Dave & Ann Schleeter, David & Gloria Chung, Arthur & Mindy Chung, Annie Wang. Our food came from Gormet Delight B.B.Q., Asia Mart and Clover Stornetta Dairies. Wine and beer came from Lagunitas Brewing Company, Ektimo Vineyards, JJ Custom Wines, Domaine St. George Winery. Without the support of these people and businesses, we could not put on such an extensive, unique and excellent evening.

We loaded the trucks and cars at RECA and, about 2:00, were at the Vets Memorial Building to set up. Many RECA members came to help, as did student volunteers from Santa Rosa Middle School, Cardinal Newman High School, and Maria Carrillo High. We even had one new person come in excited to help. She had found us on the web and was thrilled to learn that we are here. Thank you to everyone who helped set up and clean up.

Paper plate hens with little chickies and colorful roosters were the main decorations, along with sprigs of bamboo and piles of oranges.

Walls were decorated with posters from RECA Language Classes honoring the Year of the Rooster.

Some kids know where eggs come from. The walls also were decorated with Chinese Zodiac posters compliments of the family of Winston Lee.

Let the celebration begin! Our 5:00 to 6:00 social hour let people arrive at a comfortable rate. Tables of interest included origami, beer and wine, soft drinks to benefit the RECA Youth Group, two authors of children's books about Chinese-American culture, a table for small souvenirs to benefit the Intermediate and Teen Dance Troupes, silent auction and shoebox raffle. When it was time to be served, people lined up by table numbers to receive their buffet dinners. There was plenty for seconds which some hungry celebrants greatly enjoyed.

We entered into the spacious lobby to take care of tickets and receive a souvenir program.

We then entered through mystical doors, greeted by Chinese princesses, into the magical kingdom of celebration.

Small souvenirs were sold. Proceeds went into a fund to support our Intermediate and Teen dance troupes.

The origami table showed everyone how to fold a take-home souvenir. Thank you to Henry Kaku's family who took over for him while in the hospital with a broken hip. Henry Kaku, get well soon!

Daughter-mother-grandmother-- there was something for everyone. Camille Picot offered her new line of kid's books on Chinese American living and adventures. There was time and space for families to read new story books.

Soft drinks and water were sold at a booth benefiting the RECA Youth Group.

Our beer and wine bar was flowing with locally brewed beverages

Our lions, like the dragons, entered through the audience, getting up close and personal.

We had two senior lions with teens and two little lions with elementary school performers.

There was a spectacular martial arts demonstration presented by Justin Eggerts Wu Academy. RECA works together with Wu Academy for many performances (www.wuacademy.com). They focus on becoming a well balanced person.

Our RECA Intermediate Cultural Dancers gave us a new Stick Dance. This is based on traditional folk dance from China.

RECA Intermediate Cultural Dancers range in age from 7 through 13 and come from Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Petaluma.

Cultural Dance practice is directed by Judy Elliott. To audition to join either Intermediate Cultural Dance or Teen Cultural Dance, please contact Judy Elliott at 707-477-0329. Practices are on most Sunday afternoons.

RECA Teen Cultural Dancers put on an elegant modern veil fan dance based on ancient moves.

Elegance, beauty and grace are the hallmark of these teen dancers. They rehearse most Sunday afternoons. The teens choreograph most of their dances with the help of instructor Judy Elliott.

This little girl, waving her souvenir fan to the music, seems to be saying, "I'll be up there too, in a few years."

RECA Adult Cultural Dancers gave our grand finale with a court dance from imperial China. They rehearse most Tuesday nights before Chorus practice.

Most of these beautiful dancers were trained in cultural dance from their childhood in China.

This dance is a Sleeve Dance, performed in dresses that have sleeves 3 feet longer than their arms. This is a traditional dance and costume from Imperial China.

A wonderful variety of Chinese holiday food was served by friendly servers.

There was plenty of food, even for hungry teens and seconds for those who thought it was particularly delicious. Food was provided by Gourmet Delight in San Francisco.

Organized by table numbers, serving of the buffet dinner was orderly and quick. We served about 600 people in less than 1/2 hour.

Everyone young, middle-aged and old enjoyed the delicious food. One of the unusual choices was vegetables with lotus roots. Lotus roots are circular with spokes like a wheel. It was very unusual. Oranges were donated by Asia Mart of Santa Rosa. Milk was donated by Clover Dairy of Petaluma.

Lisa Gardner (R) was our member of the year for her dedicated service to RECA by being our Adult Chorus conductor. With her are MC Mark Heydon, acting VP Mary Lowe and President Nancy Wang.

After dinner, performers had to take their positions and prepare to go on stage. Many of our youngest performers were on stage for the first time. Some of them had up to 4 acts to perform: the little dragon, the song and dance of the school kids, the lion dance and martial arts demonstration.

Our big dragon is activated by over 20 teens and adults. It led the way into the auditorium, then went onto the stage to coil, bow, then exit.

Faces in the crowd:

DongFen Gao was our original webmaster.

Dan Potts provides us with professional security each year.

Kevin Wang and his wife, Sofia, were two of the original children in our first RECA Language Class. Soon, his son will be old enough to attend.

Alicia and Lily Harris-Wray. Lily started RECA Language classes when she was 3 years old. Now she is an RECA Cultural Dancer

Mike and Sandy Sullivan, long time members and supporters of RECA. Sandy is in the Adult Chorus and is also an adult cultural dancer

Marsha Dupre, past mayor of Santa Rosa, and her husband, Jack Dupre.

Wei Wei, Amalie, and Justin Eggert. Justin began Chinese language school at 14. He is now fluent in Chinese and a world renown martial arts expert.

RECA VP Mary Lowe and her sister. They donate to our scholarship fund each year.

The Holland Family. Both kids were in our RECA Language Classes when younger. At 5-7 years, Chris was one of our lion drummers. Talented!

Ellena Hsi and Phil Huang are long time members. Elena is in our Adult Chorus.

Chloe Howard, all around performer and and Linn Howard, major dance Mom for RECA

Grace Cheung-Shulman and Azy Heydon, ace photographers who stepped in to do the main part of the photography of our CNY for two years now. Thank You!

Alex and Derek Baldi, Nancy and Joe's grandsons from San Francisco. Despite the distance, they are still active in our lion team. Derek (R) is also a junior counsilor for our Children's Chinese Culture Camp. It seems like only yesterday that Alex (L) was a pre-schooler loving NaiNai's RECA.


RECA has yet another new member, Teagan Wang, Nancy and Joe Wang's new granddaughter. Her parents are Kevin and Sophia Wang. Her proud brother is Clayton.

Congratulations to the entire Wang family!


May 18, 2017

Finley Community Center, Person Senior Wing

2060 West College Avenue, Santa Rosa

Aging With Dignity:

Preparing for Graceful Transitions

Submitted by Marsha Dupre

RECA member and past mayor of Santa Rosa

 Presented by Santa Rosa Family Residency Program, the 5th Annual Asian & Pacific Islander Health Forum is Northern California's premier health education conference focusing on the Asian and Pacific Islander Communities. Seating is Limited - Registration is now open. To download registration, exhibitor, and sponsorship forms, visit:  http://asianhealthforum.wix.com/apihf

This program is sponsored by Sutter Health, Sonoma County Department of Health Services and St. Joseph Heal. Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Mental health and growing older are difficult topics for anyone to contend with, and sometimes just as difficult for their families and friends. Topics of presentation include Isabel Yuriko Stenzel Byrnes, LCSW talking on Unique Hospice & Grief Support Needs of the Japanese & Other East Asian Communityies; Sandra Lew, LCSW on Developing Culturally Competent End of Life Care Teams, and Paphne Kwok on AAPI Elders Still the Model Minority.

If you have elders you care for this might be a beneficial program for you to attend.


St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare

(Annadel Medical Group)

Long Family Foundation

River Rock Casino, Lagunitas Brewing Company,

JJ Custom Wines, Domaine St. George Winery,

G&G Supermarket, Clover Stornetta, Asia Mart,

Mike & Sandy Sullivan, Alan & Suning Morris,

Dave & Ann Schleeter, Annie Wang, Liu Hai



You may have a business card size paid advertisement for 4 issues of RECA Newsletter. Send $50 and your copy ready ad to RECA, PO box 7854, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.


RECA Membership dues are $20 per person (adult) or $30 per couple for January to December each year.

Please make your check payable to Redwood Empire Chinese Association and send it with this form to:
Redwood Empire Chinese Association, 
P.O. Box 7854, 
Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

If you want to get a print copy of the newsletter, please download the PDF Newsletter.

Redwood Empire Chinese Association
P.O. Box 7854
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