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Adult Chorus

RECA Adult Chorus meets each Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at our Center, 3455 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, CA. The focus is learning and performing Chinese folk songs in Chinese. Performances include RECA's Winter and Spring potluck socials, our Chinese New Year Celebration and Fund Raiser, and various other invitational events such as singing at Senior Residential facilities, community cultural events and organization's special events. The RECA Adult Chorus also has performed at Spreckels Auditorium in Rohnert Park, CA. We always can use more singers.

For more information, call Phi Phi Dang at 707-526-9925 or David Chung at 707-538-4926.

The RECA Adult Chorus in performance at Spreckels Auditorium, 2006.. (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

We sing for RECA events and many other activities. (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

Opportunities for solos are available. We also, as a group, arrange our own renditions so each performance is uniquely our own as well as being traditional. (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

Cultural Dance

Everyone is welcome to learn cultural dance. Children and youth practice specific dances from 11:30-12:00 on Saturday morning after language classes at the RECA Center. Interested adults can watch and make contact with adult dancers. Our stock dances are the Fan Dance from the Ching Dynasty, a Taiwan Aborigini Dance, a Xin Jiang tamborine dance, a ribbon dance, a veil fan in Tibetan style dance, and the flower drum dance. We also have lion dance and dragon dance practices as needed. Much of our program is dependent on youth teaching younger kids. Our primary choreographer for elementary school performers is Judy Elliott. Our primary choreographer for teens and adults is Xiou Qing Sandy Sullivan. Classes are assisted by Nancy Wang, Meesha Heydon, Jasmine Elliott and Judy Cheung. Lion dance is taught by Henry Tang for performance routines. Yeramia Iman and Bryce Heydon teach beginners. Henry Tang teaches advanced lion drum. Judy Hardin Cheung teaches beginning lion drum. 

Associated with the cultural dance program is basic lion drum lessons on Saturdays with Judy Cheung. Advanced drum lessons are occasionally taught by Henry Tang and invited instructors. A youth drum corps is beginning under the leadership of Dr. Robert Yee in conjunction with our Youth Group.

For further information call Nancy Wang 707-576-0533.

Our youth teach the younger girls the fan dance, a court dance from Chinese History. This is frequently the first stage performance for our youngest dancers. (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

This dance comes from the mountain people indiginous to Taiwan. It is lively, colorful and joyful with its dancers leaping and waving with bells on their ankles and wrists. (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

Our older girls and adults learn the beautiful ribbon dance. It is the basis for the Olympic's gymnastic ribbon competition. Ribbons are 15 feet long. (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

Seniors Mahjong Club

The RECA Seniors Mahjong Club meets each Wednesday afternoon at the Rohnert Park Senior Center. Currently, 2-3 tables play weekly. The Mahjong Club also takes many outings throughout the year to cultural events and recreational events throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. For further information, please call Irene Fong, 707-586-1069.

The Mahjong Club plays each year in Finley Park, Santa Rosa, during the RECA Annual Picnic. Prospective players of all ages get to see what fun Mahjong can be.  (Photo provided by Judy Hardin Cheung)

Cooking Class

RECA Cooking Class meets occasionally, lead by Phi Phi Dang, Nancy Wang or other members. Please call to sign up. We will contact you when the next class takes place.

RECA Cooking Class.  (Photo provided by Joe Wang)

Chinese Culture Camp

Children's Chinese Culture Camp is held in 2 one week sessions during July. One session is for 5-8 year olds. The other session is for 9-12 year olds. Teens and parents are welcome as assistants. Our program usually starts with Tai Chi each morning taught by Master David Chung, then Mandarin lessons, cooking, art, crafts, and many other cultural activities including songs, games, dances, music and even learning the tales of the Monkey King. Camp is supervised by Nancy Wang and Judy Cheung with Cathy Ringstad as the lead teacher. Please find the enrollment form here.

Language Classes

RECA RECA provides Saturday morning language classes in Mandarin. Classes are held 9:00-11:30 a.m. at our Center from September to June. For tuition rates and holidays, please look for details in Language School section.

Youth Group

Our Youth Group offers teens a supervised opportunity to meet other teens, do wonderful things and be an active part of our community.

The RECA Youth Group serves about 50 teen with an average attendance of 10-20 kids. Older pre-teens sometimes come with their teen brothers and sisters. College students and young adults in their early 20's continue coming as staff assistants. The teens meet under the guidance of Mark and Azy Heydon on the first Friday of each month at our Center or at the Heydon Home. Please call the Heydon Family at 575-0541 to find out where the next meeting will be held and what the next planned special activity is.

Please see details in Youth Group section.

Tai Chi

Saturdays, except holidays, from 9:00-10:00, a good way to start the day. There is no tuition for this class. Please contact David Chung, 340-6045, for additional information and directions to the Charles Shulz Museum where classes are now held.

Ballroom/Social Dance

The ballroom/social dance class meets each week at the RECA Center and offers members the opportunity to learn dances such as waltz, cha cha, swing, and nightclub two-step. Classes are taught in sessions with 4 to 5 weeks spent on each dance, and students must sign up for the session (no drop-ins). The instructor for the class is Mirin Lew. For more information, please contact Mirin at (707) 545-6173 or Email at emmel65-reca@yahoo.com.




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