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Prior to 1988, Sonoma County had many Chinese and Asian immigrants new to America with very little communication skills. The opportunities for them to associate with other Chinese or Asians were very limited.

A few concerned Chinese Americans decided to form an organization to fill that void for the immigrants and to preserve the Chinese customs and language. Therefore, in 1988, the Redwood Empire Chinese Association was born.

Since then, RECA has sponsored annual picnics, quarterly potluck socials, and annual Chinese New Year festivals. RECA's purpose is to introduce the local communities in Sonoma County to Chinese arts, culture, food and entertainments. RECA provides awareness of Chinese and Asian activities in other cities through RECA's newsletters.

A valuable service provided by RECA are the Chinese Language Workshops available to the general public interested in learning Mandarin or Cantonese. RECA also sponsors workshops in such Chinese arts as Chinese dances, the lion dance, sword dance, ribbon dance, and tai chi. Students have the opportunity to perform at public schools, in parades and at businesses. By performing in public children build self-esteem and confidence. They become bi-lingual as well as confident public performers.

RECA provides services primarily for immigrants in translation and communication for legal or medical needs.

RECA provides annual scholarships to qualified High School graduates who are Asian or members of RECA. Membership is not a requirement. You can download the application form here.

RECA now owns the RECA Multi-Cultural Center at 3455 Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa. RECA is developing plans for a new building for the multi-purpose center and fund raising plans are in development.

RECA Officers:

Nancy Wang

Acting Vice President:
Mary Lowe
707-528-8712 x132

Hsiu-Chuan Armstrong

Recording Secretary:
Ann Schleeter, 707-620-0061

Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Photographer, Membership:
Judy Cheung, 707-528-0912

Mirin Lew, 707-545-6173

Social Director:
Mary Lowe, 
707-528-8712 x132

Ways and Means:
David Chung, 707-340-6045

Building Committee:
Joe Wang

Youth Group:
Ruth & Bob Hickman

Cultural Dance Director:
Judy Elliott, 707-477-0329

Board Members:
Lorrie Abbott
Jean Gee
Azy Heydon
Mark Heydon

Past Presidents:
Hubert Tsang
Jan Lew
Elee Tsai


RECA Address

Redwood Empire Chinese Association
P.O. Box 7854
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

RECA Multi-Cultural Center
3455 Sebastopol Road
Santa Rosa, CA


From Santa Rosa's Highway 101, take Highway 12 west towards Sebastopol. Turn left on Stony Point Road then right on Sebastopol Road. Go about 8/10 of a mile west. Turn right into the driveway marked with a small, low RECA sign. Go slowly past the houses. We are the last house on the right. It is blue-grey with a large parking area.



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